Pregnancy Reading

My Pregnancy Reading allows you to personalize what aspects of the reading that are important to you.

This reading will begin with me asking my guides to provide me with any information I receive on you. I do this with a picture you provide of you and/or all parties involved. Using your picture I can look at:

All 3 Trimesters This includes gender of child to come and what to expect in each trimester of your pregnancy.
Labour and Delivery This includes gender and details of when you will deliver, all aspects of labor and delivery and a weight of child.
Personality of Child This includes gender, weight at birth, how the first 2 weeks of life will be, and the personality of child through adulthood.

To create your personalized pregnancy reading, add each option you like to the cart.

If you wish to get ALL options in one reading, please select the All Inclusive Reading, which is being offered at a discounted price.