Welcome to my website. I am Suzanne, and I am a mom of three boys, a wife to a wonderful husband and a Psychic/Medium as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher. We all have natural intuition, guardian angels and spirit guides. It wasn’t until my mother passed away that I began my journey. I had some experiences while with my mom when she was dying. She would speak of the other side, how her mother came to visit her and exactly to the day when she would pass. Growing up I had a very good friend who was a tarot reader, so I already had some interest in spiritualism. I began taking classes at a local metaphysical shoppe on tarot, pendulum, angels, and Reiki. By learning how to meditate and taking psychic development courses I began to “see”, hear and sense spirit. I quickly learned who my spirit guides were and began to see and hear from spirits. This wonderful gift allowed me to begin reading cards for others and giving them messages from the other side.

I had always been a fan of Lisa Williams and had even seen a show of hers once. She is such an amazing and gifted soul. I had the opportunity to take an Intensive Mediumship Course from Lisa Williams. Lisa handpicked who would attend her course. After her course my gift intensified by leaps and bounds.

What I can offer you is communication between you and spirit. I am the vessel through which loving, healing and informative messages will be received and interpreted. I have the amazing opportunity to help you on your path in life with information received from your spirit guides and guardian angels.