Who is my Spirit Guide?


This reading will look at who your main spirit guide is, or all your guides. It will also offer suggestions on how to connect with them.


A Spirit Guide is someone that has lived before and has went through similar life-lessons that you’re expected to go through in your life. They aren’t necessarily “wise enlightened masters.” They’re more like an older brother or sister that wants you to do your best. The way that they work is usually to cause you to notice clues or insights that help lead you to stay with the plan that you created before birth.

The clues may be in the form of a book, newspaper article or even a television show. Your guides are often very resourceful in their ways to get insights and messages to you. If you’ve ever felt like someone was nudging you in the right direction, or as if there were someone dropping answers to your unspoken questions, this might just be your spiritual helpers at work.