Mediumship/Chat Readings

A reading with a medium is a three way process involving the Spirit, the medium and the client. A medium acts as the “middleman” between you and the Spirit World. Depending on the medium’s abilities the communication happens in various ways. In my case, I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), and Clairaudient (clear hearing).

“Spiritual mediums” are spiritual messengers. They can read your energy field (aura) but they can also communicate with the spirit world (deceased loved ones, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, among others), and bring their messages.

I conduct my readings utilizing a variety of intuitive abilities. Before the session I pray, meditate and communicate with my “Spirit Guides”. From that moment I start receiving information about the sitter. I take notes on all of the impressions I receive and generally end up with a page of messages for my client. I receive impressions clairvoyantly through pictures, images, and visions; clairaudiently through sounds, voices, and even songs; clairsentiently through feelings, emotions, and senses.

No one can guarantee that they are going to connect with a specific person in the Spirit world. So I cannot guarantee that they will “show up” in a reading, although they usually do. You may also hear from old friends or you may be the middleman who passes on a message to a friend, coming from one of their relatives.

So please be open-minded. There is a process when doing mediumship and we have to honor it. I can only do my best to bring through whoever wants to come through with clarity and evidence. The more open-minded and open-hearted you are, the clearer the messages will be for you, and you will be able to enjoy your session.

For all Medium Readings I will need a picture of the deceased if possible.